Pinconning Area Schools is YOUR School of Choice

School of Choice
Pinconning Area Schools participates in School of Choice Section 105 and 105C.  
This means that we accept registrations from nonresident students who may reside outside of the Pinconning Area School's boundaries, yet within the Bay-Arenac ISD boundaries and any contiguous district.  This includes schools from Bay City, Bangor, Essexville-Hampton, Standish-Sterling, Arenac-Eastern, and AuGres Sims and any contiguous district.

                               2016-17 School Year                                     


New school of choice applications for the First Semester 2016-17 are accepted now through September 5, 2016, which is at least a 15 day period and not more than 30 calendar days for accepting applications. 
Linwood Elementary
Kindergarten - 2 openings
1st Grade 1 openings
2nd Grade - 4 openings
3th grade - 2 openings
4th grade - 0 openings
5th grade - 2 openings

Central Elementary
Kindergarten - 19 openings
1st Grade - 13 openings
2nd Grade - 19 openings
3th grade - 24 openings
4th grade - 18 openings
5th grade - 25 openings

High School/Middle School
25 openings at each grade 6-12

Openings for Second Semester school year will be accepted during the last two weeks of first semester, between January 9, 2017 through January 20, 2017.  Second semester begins January 24, 2017.

Linwood Elementary
Kindergarten - 0 openings
1st Grade - 0 openings
2nd Grade - 10 openings
3th grade - 4 openings
4th grade - 5 openings
5th grade - 12 openings

Central Elementary
Kindergarten -  7 openings
1st Grade - 9 openings
2nd Grade - 9 openings
3th grade - 16 openings
4th grade - 13 openings
5th grade - 18 openings

High School/Middle School
25 openings at each grades 6-12
Contact the building principal and complete the school of choice below, or call 989-308-0506  for further information.  

This posting is provided in compliance with Section 105 of Public Act 300 of 1996.  School of Choice.

If the student is outside of Bay County and requires special ed services, an agreement with the resident district must be made before a student can be accepted.
Kim Browning,
Dec 26, 2014, 10:14 AM