How can I help?

  • Get involved - attend the LPT (Linwood Parent Teacher) meetings and see what is happening!
  • Become a PAL Volunteer
  • Attend the Pinconning Board of Education meetings

On-going fundraising

  • Use your Target charge card, designate Linwood Elementary, and the school will receive a check in the mail for a percentage of what you spend.
  • Cell Phones - send them to the school to be recycled
  • Meijer Rewards - use your Meijer Rewards tag to help us earn money for our playground. Contact the school for more info or to sign up.
  • Save Campbell's Labels and General Mills Boxtops
  • Ink/toner recycle program. Send in your empty ink/toner cartridges. We recycle them for points and use these points to get items for the school.