Superintendent's Office

Superintendent Secretary

Andy Kowalczyk
Lydia McQuarter             

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Vision Statement

We envision students, parents, staff and community members working together to establish a dynamic learning environment for the achievement of all students.

Mission Statement
The goal of Pinconning Area Schools is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to be successful.

Beliefs Statement
Pinconning Area Schools believes that students leaving the district should possess the following adult roles:

  1. To act as a self-directed, life-long learner.
  2. To be able to work with others collaboratively.
  3. To possess the character, tolerance, and ethics needed for participation in democracy.
  4. To communicate effectively.
  5. To be a complex thinker, to possess problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  6. To possess the educational skills needed to participate in our society.